KV 35 ans Genève Suisse.

Nov 26, 2012 | Témoignages

Pays d’origine : Pays-Bas

I asked for Florence’s help when I had to undergo surgery of a voluminous fibroma. I was 31 years old and I wanted to have children which would maybe not be possible after the operation. I was desperate and scared. Florence would have been able to help me with natural medicine if I would have had more time, but the surgeon (professor) didn’t want to wait. Florence advised me to undergo surgery; she didn’t want to take a risk, which was reassuring for my husband who believes less than I do in natural medicine. Florence prescribed me the food supplements my body needed, and instead of 5 days I got to leave the hospital 3 days after surgery. I haven’t had any pain and even the nurses were surprised how quick I recovered. After the operation I’ve had 2 miscarriages and I was very sad. Nobody would have been more positive, optimistic and able to help me as Florence did. Thanks to her alpha-therapy I learned that positive thinking works. Last spring, my husband and I received the most beautiful, healthy little girl. I had a wonderful pregnancy without complications. (About my husband; he doesn’t believe in natural medicine, but when he’s having a cold he asks me what Florence would prescribe, it always works. He often told me to make an appointment with Florence because he saw how she helped me. And instead of using corticosteroids (prescribed by the pediatrician for eczema), he prefers we smear the skin of our baby with natural oil because it works and it’s harmless.) I think that everyone will meet the right person to help him or she if one’s open for it. I am very happy and grateful that the right person to help me was Florence.